Hi, nice to meet you!

I am KellyJayne, Social Media Manager, CEO of Plain Jayne but most of all… just a girl that is very passionate about Social Media. 

Once I started telling people about my profession I noticed not everyone shares my passion.
For those people, having to use Social Media promoting their business can really hold them back. In energy, in time and in efficiency.  Though I can not teach people how to enjoy Social Media, all else is where I step in! 

I will teach and guide you in approaching Social Media as part of your monthly schedule instead of something to think of daily. 
Combined with that, I am here to help you set up your Content and Sales strategy through Socials. 

Social Media Support ticket

When buying your Social Media support ticket,
you literally buy yourself a few hours with a Social Media Manager ready to support you and your socials.

Why is this so unique?
Social Media Management has only been available as management service or as a subscription so far.  Never before were Social Media Managers ready to share all the secrets of the job, just for you to learn it yourself… Until Plain Jayne stepped in.

We are here to answer any question you have regarding your socials.
So yes, even if your question is: “Shall I post this or that picture?” “Are these hashtags even working or can I leave them?” And: “Do I really need to post only reels or can I post a picture as well?” 
But also when you took all of our lessons in to place, we are ready to give you feedback and for you to grow another level. 

“I dont have time for my Social Media.”
Is probably the most heard excuse to just not do it. Or do it for a week and then quit again for a month. But just imagine we would do the same with our financial admin… But, Plain Jayne agrees that if you are not a professional Social Media manager or content creator you should not spent more time on creating content than a maximum of 8 hours a month. Yes, you read that right. Thats just 2 hours a week. And that really is the maximum.

So I dont have to post everyday anymore?”
Sorry you probably do, but that does no longer mean you have to be active on your Social Media anymore. Batch creating content, scheduling ahead and actually using a contentstrategie will help you to never again overthink Social Media. And perhaps… we can even learn you how much fun it can be. 


Our Services

How does it work? After your purchase you can book a time and date through our contactpage 
or send an e-mail to info@plainjayne.nl.